Dinner with your Russian Friend: What do you do?!

Russian Dinner Guest

Cross cultural barriers and be a polite guest After staying in Russia for a few weeks, you will undoubtedly make friends with a few locals. As the Russian people are generally friendly and gracious hosts, it is likely that you will be invited to their home for dinner. Their parents may even be around! You… Continue reading


Light in Motion

XYZT Exhibit

XYZT Exhibit Moscow What is labeled at an art exhibition in Moscow’s BEREG district is, in reality a playground for children and adults alike. French artists Mondo Adrien and Claire Barden bring light to life with their interactive creations.  The premise of their work is to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital world.… Continue reading


Time is Money: Welcome to Moscow’s Anticafes

Moscow's Anticafes

Time is Money: Welcome to Moscow’s Anticafes Moscow’s Anticafes is where it all actually started! Anticafes have been popping up all over Europe in the past five years, although not many people know they originated here in Russia! At these cafes/lounges, customer’s pay for their time spent at the venue and not for what they… Continue reading


14 Lessons Learned After One Month in Russia

Lessons Learned

14 Lessons Learned After One Month in Russia To celebrate my one-month anniversary in Moscow, I decided to start a blog series of the lessons learned in Russia. I have been to Moscow before, yes, but under the close watch of a professor in a large group. Traveling alone is an entirely different experience. Especially… Continue reading


Reduce, Reuse, Have a Concert?

Svalka Thrift Shop

A Local Thrift Shop Celebration When invited to attend a concert at a local store, I had no idea what I was walking into. My vision was of a small, dusty book house and one person with an acoustic guitar. Was I wrong! The store, Свалка, Svalka, is housed in a massive section of an old… Continue reading