Victory Day: In memory of the victims of the Second World War

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In a few days, all the nations that played a role in the Second World War will celebrate a special event: the victory over the German Reich in 1945. Depending on the country, the date varies between 8 and 9 May, when the Commander-in-Chief of the German Wehrmacht signed the document of unconditional surrender at… Continue reading


Hello from Alana

Alana intern

Привет всем (Hello)! I’m Alana, Liden & Denz’s newest St Petersburg intern. I started my time in the school here at the beginning of August and I’m already loving my new busy Russian life. I’m a British citizen but have had the luck to move through a few different countries in recent years including the… Continue reading


Did You Know That Pickles Don’t Just Go Well With Vodka?


Did You Know That Pickles Don’t Just Go Well With Vodka? Even if you have never been to Russia, you probably have heard that Russians have a thing for Соления – pickles. And if you have been to Russia, you know how serious they are about them. Соление (Pickling) – also known as brining or… Continue reading