Entrepreneurship, Determination and Language Learning: The connection


Entrepreneurship, Determination and Language Learning: The connection Here we are, day 18th of 2017! Ask yourself what you did for the past 18 days – were they blurry or clear, happy or sad, productive or passive..? Did you work on your Russian language skills? I would like to dedicate this post to two things: one is… Continue reading


Travel Russia: Study Russian In Irkutsk, Siberia!

Travel Russia

Travel Russia: Study Russian In Irkutsk, Siberia! If you are looking to travel Russia, and do so in an unconventional fashion – we have a surprise for you! Liden & Denz will open a new campus in Irkutsk in Eastern Siberia – just before summer 2017. As our student, you have an option to study in St.Petersburg,… Continue reading


Boo! It’s Friday the Thirteenth!


Boo! It’s Friday the Thirteenth – a day when the nightmares come true. We hope you do not suffer from not so rare disease called Triskaidekaphobia))) Russians are superstitious at such a deep genetic level that demons, omens, and evil spirits of all sorts are constantly present in our daily life. It’s true in terms… Continue reading


Pretending to be Russian


Pretending to be Russian Living in Saint-Petersburg as a Dutch student is in my opinion more fun when you try to act like Russian people. In this way you can pretend to be Russian. In the following situations I tested this. Enjoy you meal! – prijátnovo appetíta! Saying prijátnovo to say ‘enjoy your meal’ instead of… Continue reading


Russian Cases. Myth Busting!

Russian cases

Once you decide to start learning Russian everyone begins intimidating you. Mom says: Russian is sooo rough and confusing…by the way, what sounds better – дружба (DRUHZHBA) or гниль (GNIEL)? Judged exclusively by the way it sounds GNIEL must be something pleasant and tender, while DRUHZHBA, on the contrary, must be something brutal and vicious.… Continue reading