How To Trick Your Brain into Speaking Russian Fast

Russian Fast

Ты говоришь по-русски? If you understand the above phrase, wonderful, apply what I’m about to say to your next language. If you’re just now getting the results back from Google Translate, we have work to do. Chances are you’ve been studying Russian longer than you would’ve liked. Maybe you’re taking it easy, a word a… Continue reading


Study Russian with Adapted Literature

If you ask me, the process of learning a language is never easy. Foreign vocabulary and grammatical structures do not just fly into your brain during sleep. However, I am convinced that making use of the right approach to language learning can have a fundamental influence on the progress you are making. While there are… Continue reading


6 Russian Hats You Should Be Wearing This Winter

Russian Hats

6 Russian Hats We love hats. We wear hats for fashion, for religious and formal purposes, and of course, to keep us warm. (And here in Moscow, there’s a lot of the latter going around.) You’re probably wearing a hat right now, or you see someone wearing a hat, trying desperately to stay warm. But… Continue reading


Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky is the Best Movie Theater in Moscow

Pioner Cinema

Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky has quickly become Moscow’s go-to spot for lovers of all types of cinema. Established in 2009, Pioner shows everything from present-day box-office hits to art-house and art-mainstream blockbusters to classic cinematic masterpieces in their famed “At the Cinema, At Last” events. History Pioner first opened its doors… Continue reading


Hello and Good Morning – My Arrival in Saint Petersburg

My Arrival in Saint Petersburg

Hello and Good morning This is it: my first post for Liden and Denz Saint Petersburg. To describe myself in one word, I would probably use the call myself a Traveljunkie. My addiction started in 2009, when I went Ireland in order to improve my English at a language school. The consequences of those three… Continue reading