Alternatives to Google Translate

Abbyy Lingvo

Chances are that, as a language student, you barely go a day without Google translate… Yes, of course its free and extremely convenient, but there are huge downsides –the inaccuracy, (to my eternal amusement, its unable to distinguish between declensions of the words ‘shower’ and ‘soul’ – душ and душа respectively). The dependence on wifi means Google… Continue reading


Foreigncy: The Best Online Learning Resource


One of the hardest parts of learning Russian is maintaining focus in your self-study outside of the classroom. Its not just a question of motivation, but also finding practical tools – after all, there are only so many hours you can spend writing up flashcards before you decide that monolingualism might just be your thing. Enter the… Continue reading


Wiktionary – a useful tool for studying Russian


Wiktionary – a useful tool for studying Russian Ever looked for a good translation, but google translate comes up with something that is obviously not correct? How about finding a word, but having no idea what case it is in? Perhaps it’s an exception, and you have no idea how it changes for each of… Continue reading


Teacher Interview – Lyubov’

Russian teacher

Teacher Interview – Lyubov’ #meetourstaff continues! This week, I was introduced to Lyubov’, who has been with Liden & Denz for quite a long time. The interview was challenging to transcribe, as Lyubov’ speaks really quickly, but by patiently listening to my slowed-down recording a few times over, I managed to get it all down… Continue reading


Russian Recall and Power Sentences: Part III (Final)

Russian Memorization

Russian Recall and Power Sentences: Part III Part Three, or el finale. Lets do this. Memorization is a lot like green eggs and ham, from the Dr. Seuss classic. You’ve heard its boring, its never-ending, and its ineffective. Here’s to hoping my last three posts have convinced you to try it at least(: So in… Continue reading