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With Liden & Denz you have the opportunity to learn Russian online through our online learning platform. Our courses are live, meaning that you can see, hear, speak and interact with your teacher and classmates as if you were in a physical class. This is substantially different from what many online schools currently offer: learning a foreign language with the help of podcasts and video clips, allowing you to learn “at your own speed”. In reality, “at your own speed” often slows to a complete stop since students become quickly tired by the lack of communication with a real teacher and their peers.

On the contrary, learning Russian online with Liden & Denz means enjoying a real, live experience from the comfort of your home. Our online courses are led by our professional native teachers and are based on our “I Love Russian” textbook, our own teaching material, that you will receive for free after finalizing your booking. To maximize the effectiveness of our classes, we make use of a wide range of multimedia materials such as videos, songs, interactive whiteboards and so on, with the goal of helping you improve your Russian skills as effectively as possible.

In order to give our students the possibility to choose the course that fits their needs best, we have broadened our offer to include both group and individual courses. Our group courses take place at different times of the day to allow maximum flexibility. One the other hand, if you plan on booking private lessons, by registering on our platform, you will be entitled to one free trial individual lesson: try it out and experience for yourself our award-winning methods before booking your course! 

Your online learning experience with Liden & Denz is not limited to your lessons. In order to give you the opportunity to learn in full autonomy, we have created a wide collection of thousands of exercises and quizzes to train and improve your Russian skills at your own pace. You will get full access to our self-study materials after joining one of our courses, but you can always try our free trial!

The booking fee includes a live assessment (for group courses), full access to our self-study materials for the duration of your course and for 2 more weeks, and full support from our online team. Visit our online learning platform now and start learning Russian online!

Our online programme is further enriched by a number of online activities to help you immerse into Russian culture and tradition from your home. Practice your Russian skills in the speaking clubs, learn more about grammar and vocabulary at the seminars, master pronunciation while singing Russian songs and join our teachers to virtual walks across historical places and famous sights. These activities are included in all our packages, so our students can enjoy them for free. Check the timetable on our events page, book the date and enjoy our online events!

  • Live group and individual courses
  • 800+ online exercises
  • Personal academic supervisor
  • Social and cultural online activities
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There are three exciting ways to use our classrooms
  • If you can’t travel to one of our centres, we can come to your home or workplace.
  • Begin your classes online before start your course in St.Petersburg, Moscow or Riga to make the most of the full immersion experience.
  • Continue your classes online when you return home with the same teacher to make the most of your Russian skills at home.
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Our Online Courses

Online Daily Course – well-balanced and intensive: 20 lessons per week in a group of up to 12 students of the same level. Minimum course length is 1 week, and you can join our groups any Monday. Online test (automated) and assessment (live) precede the course. Online Daily Courses are available at all levels. Beginners have their own designated start dates and don’t have to do the test, however, we expect them to familiarize themselves with Cyrillic alphabet. All levels have classes Monday to Friday 9:00-12:40 CET.

Online Group Evening Course – less intensive with 6 lessons per week in a group of up to 6 students of the same level. Classes run twice a week on Tuesdays/Thursdays or Wednesdays/Fridays, usually 19:00-21:30 CET. The minimum course length is 2 weeks (12 lessons). New students can join every week attending our live introductory/placement session. Beginners are expected to be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet.

Online Group Morning Course – a great way to start the day with some Russian: 4 lessons weekly in the group of up to 6 students of the same level. Classes are run twice a week on Tuesdays/Thursdays or Wednesdays/Fridays, usually 07.00 – 08:40 CET. The minimum course length is 2 weeks (8 lessons). New students can join every week attending our live introductory/placement session. Beginners are expected to be familiar with Cyrillic alphabet.

Individual Course – the perfect option for those who study Russian for specific business reasons or simply want a personalized course. This option allows you to choose your own timetable and to enjoy a course in which content is jointly determined by teacher and student and pace depends entirely on you. Try our a free trial lesson! You will find all the instructions on our platform.

    Group rates:
  • Live Online Daily 195€ per week

    10.00 - 13:40 CET
    Book now
  • Online Evenings 75€ per week

    19:00 - 20:40 CET
    Book now
  • Online Mornings 49€ per week

    08:00 - 09:40 CET
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    One-to-one rates:
  • Single lesson 38€ per lesson Book now
  • 10 lessons 235€ 23.5€ per lesson Book now
  • 25 lessons best
    500€ 20€ per lesson Book now
Student testimonials
Sibyl Eigenmann
Live Online Daily
“Perfect! Its a really great experience, never expected it like this. It brings up a lot of good memories from my time in SPB into my quarantine-time at home.”
Philip Patchin
Private Online Lessons
“The material is interesting, and we always manage to find involving topics to discuss. Natalia has a lot of knowledge in various areas, which makes her an engaging interlocutor.”
Lucy Gillman
Live Online Daily
“L&D offers an extremely high quality of teaching & supportive staff throughout the whole experience”
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