That Wasn’t Just Flying – It Was Flying With Style!


That Wasn’t Just Flying – It Was Flying With Style! It is my pleasure to present one of my schoolmates. He is probably one of the more active ones in class here at Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg. His name is Giles and he is from England. Giles, when did you start studying Russian… Continue reading


Russian farewell – До свидания!

russian farewell

Russian farewell – До свидания!   Time has come say Russian farewell. Three months went like nothing, and time flew away. I’ll tell you shortly my impression, when I came back to school I was very excited and nervous because I was not a regular student anymore. I had to write after class articles about specific… Continue reading


Word Lens… a useful application

Have you ever found yourself in a situation reading something in a foreign language and not unserstanding the meaning. So what are you doing? Most probably you will consult your dictionary, which nowadays lives somewhere in your phone. So you might launch your dictionary app. If it’s a latin based language it’s manageable, alltough you will… Continue reading


TELC test

A month ago I did the Russian certification test, TELC B1. This is a test worldwide recognized that gives value to your resume, no matter what personal reasons you have to learn Russian but I assure you that is always good to have a prove of your knowledge. At the beginning I had a rough… Continue reading


Where to use ISIC card benefits?

ISIC card

Where to use ISIC card benefits? ISIC card stands for International Student Identity Card. It is an official identification that provides you with several benefits worldwide, most of them are discounts on cafes, restaurants, shops, theatre plays and museum entrances that sometimes you can get them from 5% discount or completely free. In all of… Continue reading