15 False Friends in Russian Language

They said WHAT?! Not all Russian words that sound like English words have the same meaning – these are called false friends. Liden & Denz intern Ryan Gourley will take you through some of the most common false friends and teach you their actual meaning.


Guide to Russian Typography. Part 1: Deciphering Cyrillic

Do you ever get confused when you see a new Russian font? Do you think that Russian cursive is impossible to read? Fear not! This video will demystify even the most difficult Russian font styles, brought to you by Liden & Denz intern Ryan Gourley. From serif and sans-serif to handwritten and italic styles, Ryan… Continue reading


5 fun ways to boost your Russian language skills

Learning Russian can be a daunting experience and can sometimes seem downright impossible. Russian grammar is notoriously tricky (the three words ‘verbs of motion’ still fill me with dread!) and it is easy to get disheartened. However, there are plenty of ways to make it fun! 1) Watch a Russian TV show or film This… Continue reading


Top 10 Russian Language Learning Websites

Language Learning Websites

Language Learning Websites Fun. Exciting. Helpful.—These are words that might escape you when talking about the mass of language learning gobbledygook on the web. Why is it so difficult to find quality language learning materials online? This question has splintered the language learning community for decades. So we’ve asked some of our most experienced language… Continue reading


Three months have passed – goodbye Saint-Petersburg


Three months have passed – goodbye Saint-Petersburg This is the second time I have lived for a period of three months in Russia’s second largest city. Last time I went to Saint-Petersburg, the whole city was new to me. To explore the city I strolled around a lot, and got to know many interesting places.… Continue reading