Study Russian with Adapted Literature

If you ask me, the process of learning a language is never easy. Foreign vocabulary and grammatical structures do not just fly into your brain during sleep. However, I am convinced that making use of the right approach to language learning can have a fundamental influence on the progress you are making. While there are… Continue reading


A Visit to Sennoy Market

Sennoy Market

A Visit to Sennoy Market Last weekend I decided to visit one of the oldest grocery markets of St.Petersburg: Sennoy market / Сенной рынок (Sennoy rynok). It is located centrally at Moskovsky Prospect 4A, so you can either walk there by foot or take the metro to Sadovaya, Spasskaya or Sennaya Ploschad. The opening hours… Continue reading


Rethinking Tolstoy: War and Peace by the BBC

rethinking tolstoy

Rethinking Tolstoy: War and Peace by the BBC In January 2016, the BBC premiered one of its most ambitious and long-awaited literary adaptations: War and Peace. The Russian classic was brought to life by the British broadcaster for the second time, having made a first series in 1972. I watched the six-part production religiously, barely able… Continue reading


Reading in Russian: Where to Start

Reading Russian

Reading in Russian: Where to Start In today’s classes, the topic of reading in Russian came up. Most teachers would agree that reading is the best way to consolidate the grammar and vocab that you’ve learnt, but this shouldn’t be restricted to reading texts and hand-outs from your teachers. To get a real feel for… Continue reading


Gogol’s House


Gogol’s House To say that Russia has a rich literary history would be an understatement. Russia has produced some of the greatest writers of all time, whose distinctive voices have transcended the ages. The 19th century is regarded as the ‘Golden Age’ of Russian literature and Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol- who rose to prominence at this… Continue reading