Большая Кухня – Bol’shaja Kuhnja

Большая Кухня – Bol’shaja Kuhnja
03 July, 2015

There is a really nice restaurant just inside Galeria mall in Ploshad Vosstanya. I know: malls are not known to have good restaurants, but trust me on this one.

It is actually a really good restaurant with a huge terrace. The kitchen is open (which is a concept I see many restaurants are taking on), so you can see them preparing your food.

The menu is varied, there are French, Italian and Spanish dishes. Their burgers (starting at RUB 260) are amazing, and don’t get me started on their fries. They have delicious pizzas starting at RUB 290, and pasta dishes and risottos starting at RUB 320. Many of their main courses are also fish dishes (starting at RUB 340). I would recommend you to try their roast beef sandwich (RUB 320), however.

Their cocktails and desserts (starting at RUB 80) are also very tempting and worth trying (hint: try the crème brulée).

And if you are not very hungry, you can go for a drink and just ask for snacks to share with beer, wine or vodka.

Take a look at their menu:

There is no need to make a reservation, unless you are going on a Friday evening or on the weekend.

I hope you give it a try!

Bol’shaja Kuhnja’s website:

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