Водка-вечеринка at Liden and Denz St. Petersburg

18 August, 2014

Last Friday the legendary Vodka Party took place at the Liden and Denz St. Petersburg School! Thanks to the enthusiastic attendance of our students and some teachers as well the party was a great success. As soon as the tables have been put away and music was turned on, class number eight turned into the perfect location for this late afternoon party.

As the name is already saying Vodka has been served, either pure or mixed with juice, and for the little appetite some traditional Russian snacks like Шпроты and Маринованныеогурцы.

But the most important thing about this event is, that you meet and talk to a lot of students from our school and as well to some of the teachers and the school’s staff.

The Party was great fun and was the takeoff place for a wonderful Friday night with a huge crowd of Liden and Denz students.

Hope to see all of you at the next Vodka Party in two weeks!

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