До свидания, Liden and Denz!

17 September, 2019

It is now time to tell you that with great sadness, my time both at Liden and Denz and in St Petersburg as a whole have come to a close. This is my final week. I fly back to London on the 3rd of September in preparation to start my 4th year of university, and I have some reflections to share on my experience. For me, this ending is not only that of a few months studying Russian language and writing for the blog here, but of my past year as a resident of this city!


As a whole, I now feel totally in a period of transition and change; I am both happy and sad to leave, excited about what is to come and regretful of all the things I did not get the chance to do here, proud of my progress with Russian language but ready to push myself further. My language ability has improved tenfold since my arrival – in September, despite having studied Russian before, the gaps in my knowledge left me an essential mute in most social situations that existed outside of English. Now, I can order in restaurant or chat with friends without anxiety (most of the time), and additional to that I have found a home in St Petersburg that I didn’t truly expect to feel anywhere other than my university city, London. I have made some incredible friends along the way, and travelled more broadly than I ever have in my life.


Liden and Denz has been the perfect way to finish my experience here- writing blog posts about Russian language and culture has made me realise how much I have experienced here in Russia. The language lessons have pushed my learning capability to the point where I can comfortably study at a B1 level, which felt crazily out of my depth less than six months ago. Ultimately, this goodbye is sad but not permanent – I know I will be coming back to this part of the world not too far in the future. I hope you have enjoyed reading along with me over these past few months! See you, and good luck!

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