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До свидания Liden & Denz! до свидания St. Petersburg!

06 December, 2019

До свидания? I can’t believe I’m already writing this post! It seems like it was just yesterday when I arrived at the school and I met my teacher, classmates and the other interns for the first time. When I arrived the bright orange colour of the tree leaves was captivating me while walking on the street. Now, those leaves are gone and the snow is starting to shyly show up instead. They say that time only flies when you are having a good time, and I couldn’t agree more!

As an intern at Liden & Lindz, I had the opportunity to get deeper into Russian culture and history. I cannot even count the number of hours I have spent going from one article to another, from one video to the other just absorbing all the information so that I could later share it with you in the form of a post. I have learnt about mayonnaise, music, nuclear programs, soviet housing, secret cities… all fascinating topics. And my work as an intern has not only allowed me to discover Russia, I have also had to improve my computer skills. I still believe computers hate me, but I feel more confident now working with them and with tools such as WordPress.

Being an intern, I was also able to attend everyday Russian lessons. I was lucky enough to have the sweetest and most patience teacher on Earth (thank you, Irina, for everything!) and a really nice group of classmates. It’s always difficult to dare and speak in a language you don’t master but, thanks to the really nice atmosphere we have during the lessons, I dare more and more to use it. And it’s true I still struggle with verbs of movement and that the genitive case is still a pain in the ass. Nonetheless, I do feel I understand more and more. Maybe I need to come back to Liden and Denz! I wouldn’t mind at all.

I really don’t know what I will be doing in the next few months but I will try to continue working on my Russian and I might even come back to Russia! Who knows! Thanks to everyone who made this experience possible. I hope I’ll be back soon!



Posted by Miriam Núñez

всем привет! I’m Miriam from Spain and I’m currently an intern at Liden&Denz in St. Petersburg.

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