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Крейсер Аврора (Cruiser Aurora) sets sail!

22 September, 2014

If you’re in St. Petersburg, one of the things you’ve probably done is pay a visit to the Крейсер Аврора (Cruiser Aurora). This magnificent ship is widely regarded as the symbol of the city, and is close to the hearts of Russians everywhere. Once a military force to be reckoned with, nowadays this impressive warship houses a fantastic museum, and even an active crew!

Maybe you’re wondering why this particular ship is so special. Well, if you’re in Peter, it’s important know a little about its past.

Aurora was built as one of three “Pallada-class” cruisers to serve in the Russo-Japanese war in 1900. Only the Aurora managed to survive this fierce conflict, and the other two ships were lost in battle. During World War I, the ship was heavily involved with one of the first incidents of the Red October revolution. Then, during the Second World War, this battle-worn behemoth once again took to the seas, and famously lent her guns in defence of Leningrad.

If you’re now fascinated and can’t wait to plan your trip to see the Cruiser, you might now have to travel a little further. Two days ago, the Aurora left her dock at the Petrovskaya embankment, waved off by loyal city-dwellers and eager tourists alike.

For the next two years, the ship will be safely docked in Кронштатдь (Kronstadt) harbour where she will undergo ремонт(repairs – we know you must be familiar with this word by now!).  Following this, the ship will return home to St. Petersburg, in fantastic shape and ready to welcome aboard its adoring public.

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