Ночи света-Night Light in Gatschina

31 July, 2014

This Saturday night an impressive light show is taking place at the Gatschina Palace, about 50 km outside of Saint Petersburg.

From 11p.m to 3a.m the park of the Gatschina Palace will become a wonderland of lights and shadows: open air light and firework shows will be in the centre of the stage, whereas theatrical performances, dances and music will also be provided.

The themes of the performances will be of a wide range. Some of them will definitely be created around famous Russian stories or sight of Piter. The highlight is the big multi-media show with a parade and firework, which takes place at 02:30 on the white lake.

The performances take about 15 minutes and will be shown three times to make sure you can see all of them. In between the shows you can listen to the interesting stories about the sights and listen to classic music, which is played there.

The ticket to the Night Light costs 600 Roubles and can be bought at the box office of the palace museum or the park pavilion. The entry to the palace and the park is not included.

Visitors can expect a fantastic mix of 3D-perfomances, laser shows and great firework.

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