Привет, дорогие студенты!

29 December, 2015

My name is Eliant and I am the new editorial assistant in Liden & Denz at St. Petersburg center for the next two months writing about the three beautiful cities where the school centers are located (Moscow, Riga and St. Petersburg), also I’ll be posting some information about restaurants and bars where to go with your friends after class or on the weekends.

I am from Mexico and I live in the south part of the country, in a city named Merida. I studied Hospitality, and since 3 years ago I work for cruise ships. My job is challenging and at the same time fascinating.

I’m studying the Russian language not only for the importance to communicate with colleagues and guests but because I always wanted to speak it. I was here in the same school studying it during 6 months last year and left on January. When I first came to the country, I realized how difficult the language is and that I could not achieve to speak as I wanted, however almost a year after I became fluent in it and with a better feeling than the first time. I managed to come back as an intern for a shorter period to keep improving my language skills and also to spend my vacations in this wonderful city.

I’m writing this because I tend to hear very often beginners talking between them how bad and slow they speak or sometimes even thinking that they won’t be able to communicate, so guys do not get desperate at the beginning and не сдавaитесь когда трудно (don’t give up).

I’m looking forward that you will enjoy reading this and our blog.


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