Привет Москва!

05 September, 2016

Hello Moscow!

My name is Till and I am a Swiss business student, who is currently attending Russian courses at the international language centre Liden & Denz in Russia’s capital city Moscow. In addition to the linguistical studies, I received the opportunity to work as a Blogger to tell the world about my captivation for Russian history and the variegated experiences I am going to collect during the following two months.

Years ago, back at the university, I decided to learn an (for Switzerland) unusual language and chose a semester program in Russian to fulfil my proposition. The foundations for a long-term relationship to the Russian language, culture and people were definitely laid. From that moment on, I visited Russia several times as a tourist or in terms of improving my speaking skills at Liden & Denz, what further deepened my interests in this country.

Accordingly, I am very pleased to report on daily experiences and give you some special insights in Russia’s lifestyle, history and activities of a foreign student studying Russian, in its never sleeping capital.


Till M. Widmer, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Moscow

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