Привет from new intern Krisztián

03 July, 2019

Всем привет!

My name is Krisztián. I’m a new intern from Hungary, who is lucky enough to spend the whole summer studying Russian in one of the most beautiful and breathtaking cities in the world, Saint Petersburg. 

I first got into contact with Russia through it’s rich literature. The novels of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy served as gate-drugs that led me to apply and get admitted to the Russian faculty of Budapest’s most prestigious university, ELTE. During my studies I got familiar with the works of the most praised and influential Russian writers, found more and more interesting facts about the turbulant but astonishing history of the country, got immersed in the unique and fascinating culture and of course studied the language itself, which never fails to suprise and amaze me and with its exeptional expressiveness. 

After graduating I realised that I don’t want to lose contact with Russia and I decided to apply as an intern to Liden & Denz. This gives me an opportunity to experience the Russian way of life in Russia, to follow in the footsteps of the writers and artists I admire and to get familiar with the city that served as the scenery of some of Russia’s most important historical events.

My goal is to share this experience with others and get them involved in Russian language and culture the same way as I myself got involved in it in the last few years. Publishing on the blogs of Liden & Denz makes this possible, and I hope, that I will be able to convey my passion to the screens of your computers.

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