Women’s Day in Saint Petersburg

Women’s Day in Saint Petersburg
05 March, 2015

On March 8 Russians are going to celebrate Women’s Day. In every city they organize parties especially for women, exhibitions and film screenings. How is Saint Petersburg celebrating Women’s Day? Since it’s a lively and entertaining city it offers any kind of event to meet everybody’s taste!

Entrainments and music shows on Women’s Day

Maza Park organizes the entertaining event Вечеринка (Vecherinka) Girl Power. In the central area there will be the final of “Miss Maza Park” and you take part to battle of pillows, bubble shows, raffle cruise with ST.PETER LINE and much more from 18.00 to 23.00. In Maza park clubs there will be a karaoke evening, a pin-up party and electronic dance music from 22.00 to 6.00. The ticket price for the event is RUB 400-700.

Ленинград Центр (Leningrad Tsentr) will held the music show Вечеринка «Добрый вечер в Ленинграде» (Vecherinka “Dobry vecher v Leningrade)with the band Freedom Jazz as special guests of the evening. In the centre there will be several cultural activities and everything will be in a retro-movie style.

Special evening at the restaurants on Women’s Day

A magical evening organized by the restaurant «Горохов», in which the chef will offer the ladies and their companions champagne, sweets and cookies, will be set up in a perfect spring mood. The musical program starts at 19.00.

At the restaurant Paulaner Nevsky Prospekt Woman’s Day lasts for 6 to 9 March! You can enjoy a special dinner for two for RUB 2800 and you’ll be offered a chocolate desert, roses and настойка «Сергеич» (nastoika Sergeich), a special drink. The program includes “The Basement Rock” band concert and a dance competition.

Fairs on Women’s Day

Лофт Проект ЭТАЖИ (Loft Proekt Etazhi) will held a Gift Fair, where designer and craftsmen will display and sell their unique products (as jewelry toys, items of clothing, cosmetics). At the Fair you can attend free master classes to learn how to make handcrafts and refresh yourself at the café listening to spring-like and romantic music.

At the Heart Girt Fair at “Пассаж” (Passazh) on Nevsky Prospekt you can find mainly handcrafts and gifts from Europe. It is also possible to attend free master classes, while for kids there is a special area with game and readings. In addition to the spring and festive atmosphere on the weekend it is possible to enjoy jazz improvisation and classical masterpieces. On Sunday it opens from11.00 to 21.00

Exhibitions and excursions on Women’s Day

The exhibition “Cherchez la Femme” collects women’s imagines in art at the beginning of the XX century. At the museum on Петропавловская крепость (Petropavlovskaya krepost) you can see many printed graphics products as posters, reproductions, prints and calendars not only Russian but also of foreign publishing houses.

Музей советских игровых автоматов (Musei sovetskich igrovich avtomatov) organizes «Кино о женственности» (Cinema about femininity). The exhibition offers interactive installations and short film screenings about the theme of femininity and its secret soul. On the screen they will show the short movies «Просто играй своё сердце» (Prosto igrai svoyo serdze) А. Александрова (A. Aleksandrova), «Настоящий супергерой» (Nastoyashchiy supergiroi) А. Барышникова (A. Baryshnikova), «Моя лучшая картина» (Moya luchshaya kartina) Н. Маркова (N. Markova).

At «Петровской Акватории» they organize a romantic excursion through the Saint Petersburg of the XVIII century.

Concerts on Women’s Day

Малый зал филармонии им. М.И. Глинки (Maly zal filarmoni im. M.I. Glingi) will held the classic concert “Сердце красавицы” (Serdze krasavitsi). The «Таврический» (Tavricheski) orchestra will play musical compositions by Verdi and Donizetti, Delibes and Strauss, Mozart and Tchaikovsky, Bernstein and Rome Korsakov.

At Дом Кочневой (Dom Kochnevoi) there will be a concert of Russian classical music, in which the audience will also listen to the history of romance as music genre and poems of Russian famous writers of the XX century.



Written by: Jessica Carrettiero

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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