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867th Birthday of Russia’s capital

04 September, 2014

You definitely should not miss out Moscow’s city celebration this weekend! Every year the first weekend of September is reserved and dedicated to celebrations around the founding of Moscow. There will be a great variety of events: a sport and music festival at Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Street Art and of course plenty of Russian food and drinks! And the best part of that: It is a free festival!

Although some archeologists believe that Moscow is much older, the official founding is dated to the year 1147 when the Russian Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy called on the prince of Novgorod-Severski to “come to me, brother, to Moscow”. Tsar Nicholas I. suggested to celebrate Moscow’s 700th birthday in 1847 for the first time and since then the celebration took place annually. And this year it is celebrating its 867th birthday.

About hundreds events are taking place in the city center on Saturday! But there are three things which you definitely should not miss: You can begin your day with the official musical start of the celebration. On each city square at 1 p.m. you can enjoy a live version of Moscow’s anthem. Another important event is the Spasskaya Bashnaya International Military Music Festival, which will be set on Krassnaya Ploschad from 1 – 2 p.m. In the evening you have to end you day with the grand finale taking place in Moscow’s sky: fireworks will illuminate the sky from 12 different spots! You can go into one of Moscow’s several parks and enjoy it from there.

The weather on Saturday will be great, so go into the city and celebrate Moscow’s birthday!

On this Russian website you can find a detailed plan and improve your language skills: http://www.msmap.ru/fun/cityday_2014

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