A relaxing tea at Miracle Club

26 September, 2013

If you want to get away from the chaos of the city centre, Miracle Club (Территория “МИРАКЛ”) is a perfect place to relax and have a cup of tea.

The club has a friendly and domestic atmosphere, as if you were in your comfortable living room. Sofas, pictures and musical instruments make Miracle a perfect “co-working” place, great for those who want to work in a quiet and unobtrusive atmosphere. You can have tea with cookies and pay according to the time you stay there: the first hour costs 150 rubles, and the next hours just 50 rubles each.

It’s impossible not to feel at ease in Miracle Club: the handmade interior with old books and artistic pictures creates an intellectual and bohemian environment. If you come there during the evening, you will also have the chance to play their many musical instruments, or to enjoy poetry readings and deep conversations. You can also buy their products in the little store inside the club.

Miracle Club is ideal to spend your afternoons or evenings during the autumnal days. Make sure to visit it: it’s near the bank of the river Moyka (Набережная Реки Мойки), just 5 minutes away from The Hermitage.

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