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What Liden & Denz offers to its agents

Choosing Liden & Denz as your partner for quality Russian language courses, you opt for quality, reliability and fairness. Operating since 1992, Liden & Denz is leading the market for learning Russian in Russia and Latvia.

Liden & Denz won the prestigious Study Travel Star Award in the category “World Languages” five times in a row. The agents supporting and voting for us all these years are testimony that Liden & Denz is the preferred choice for study travel agents looking for a reliable course provider in Russia.

With your help, we will keep it that way!

Appointed Liden & Denz agents profit from the following:

Fair commission
Our commission rates are individually agreed on but usually depend on volume targets.

Speed of reply
Agents love to work with Liden & Denz as 90% of enquiries are answered on the same business day (enquiries arriving late afternoon will be dealt with on the following morning).

Three destinations - one contact
Enquiries and bookings are all dealt with at our Central Booking Office in St.Petersburg. You have one contact you deal with.

We offer free training for your sales staff in your office(s). We further offer on-site visits to our destinations with all local costs covered by Liden & Denz.

Your student remains your student
Liden & Denz will not make direct promotional approaches to the agent’s clients. We believe in strong agent-school relationships. Personal data from your students will never be used for any kind of promotional activity.

Special discounts
Any promotion offered to direct clients are made equally available to the agent, and the agent’s normal commission rate will be applied.

Fair cancellation terms
Cancellation fees are partially waived. For further details please check our Agency Manual.

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Meet Liden & Denz at international workshops

Liden & Denz usually attends following upcoming educational workshops and trade fairs:

ialc IALC Workshop (April)

alphe ALPHE UK Workshop (September)

icefICEF Workshop Berlin (November)

Please check directly with the organisers or with our marketing department for details and exact dates. All workshops are by invitation only and the organisers always check the quality of agencies wanting to participate.