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An underground drink at Borodabar

05 September, 2013

Borodabar (Бородабар) is a beautiful underground bar, a few minutes away from Kazansky Sobor (Казанский Собор). Despite its little size, it is very eclectic and packed with people every day of the week.

The interior is bizarre, as the name of the bar suggests (“boroda” in Russian means “beard”). The atmosphere recalls European hipster bars, with homemade interior, industrial breeze blocks, graffiti by tattoo artists and items of cheap furniture.

The clientele fits nicely with the bar interior: visitors are usually both locals and tourists, and you won’t have trouble at finding photographers, artists or musicians. Staff and clients are very friendly, relaxed and often willing to talk to you. There are often some nice events in the bar, like underground concerts and DJ sets.

Borodabar is just ten minutes away from Nevsky Prospekt metro station, on Kazanskaya Ulitsa (Казанская Улица). Be sure to visit it and to plunge into its artsy atmosphere.

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