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Anniversary fam trip to Liden & Denz in Russia!

10 December, 2012

Anniversary fam trip to Liden & Denz in Russia!

More than 25 appointed agents recently followed our invitation to visit our language centres in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This fam trip coincided with the anniversary of Liden & Denz celebrating 20 years in Russia at the five-star Sokos Palace Bridge Hotel! The highlight on arrival day in St. Petersburg was the lavish anniversary gala, followed by a city-tour early next morning (too early for some…). Attendance was 100% when our agents arrived at our flagship school in the historical centre of St.Petersburg. The visit gave the fam trip participants a chance not only to see the classes and facilities but also to meet students during their breaks and contact them personally about the impressions about studying Russian at Liden & Denz. After lunch in a cozy restaurant nearby, the high-speed train Sapsan safely brought all guests to the capital of Russia in less than four hours. After check-in at the Marriott Tverskaya, which is located very close to Liden & Denz Moscow, most agents joined our staff for late night drinks in a nice bar just opposite the hotel. More sightseeing on the third day was followed by the biggest school party our Moscow centre has organised since it opened in 2004. Local agents and IALC schools participating in the IALC Russia roadshow were equally invited to this very special evening reception, which lasted till about 2 AM in the morning. What fam-trip participants said: “I would like to thank you and all members of your team for your very kind hospitality. Everything was very well organized and I really enjoyed my days in Russia. It was my first time and I would love to come back to explore more places in and around both cities. Both schools are really nice and I got a good insight of your premises. I am sure I will benefit from my visit for my future work. The dinner at the Sokos Palace Bridge Hotel was amazing and to see all of you on stage was so much fun. I really loved your performance. Without everyone’s dedicated assistance this wonderful evening would not have been possible. The reception you organized at your Moscow was superb and it was worth every minute.” (Irene Kuschel, GLS Sprachreisen) “Thank you for a very nice time and for entertaining us in such a nice way at the party. It was great to see you Julia and Diana and also all staff members from both schools. We had a great time in Russia.” (Nathalie Akerlund, AVISTA) “Thank you so much to you all for arranging a wonderful anniversary with the fam trips. I´m sure all the participants were equally pleased as I was to have the chance to visit the schools and meet with members of staff. In addition, visiting St Petersburg and Moscow made us get a feel for the Russian way of life.” (Marja Teikari-Tuovinen, White House EG) We have uploaded photos of our 20 Years in Russia Gala and of the Liden & Denz Anniversary Famtrip! Guest photographer David Niland from Galway Cultural Institute has provided us with the following 20 Years in Russia highlights!

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