April Fool’s: Russian Style

01 April, 2014

People don’t tend to think of Russians as having a sense of humour, but the Russian government really proved them wrong with an April Fool’s joke on their Twitter page!

The first of April is traditionally a day of pranks, and The Foreign Ministry joined in with a Tweet saying it was going to “adopt a strictly serious approach from now on”.

“Congratulations to all on April 1, 2014! No more jokes”, reads the Tweet, ending with a winking smiley face, which has received a warm reaction from the general public.

One Twitter user wrote saying that although the Ministry tends to be very serious, this Tweet proves they still have a sense of humour.

In other April Fool’s news, Yandex, Russia’s most popular search engine, greeted users with a realistic looking fly that buzzed around their computer screens as they tried to search.

These aren’t the cleverest of jokes, but they certainly help to dispute the stereotype that Russians just don’t get humour.

The weather even joined in, with 17cm of snow falling in Moscow, after the capital city’s temperature broke records for being the warmest March on record. Moscow has apparently not seen so much snow on the 1st of April in 130 days, but authorities assure that the city would be unburied by tomorrow.

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