Art-Café Sunduk

15 August, 2013

Just a couple of minutes away from Tavrichesky Park (Таврический Сад) is located one of the most particular and strange bars in St. Petersburg. Art-Café Sunduk (Арт-Кафе Сундук) will impress its visitors with a unique style with a mixture of soviet, hipster and kitsch.

The Russian word “sunduk” (meaning “box”) is really appropriate: the bar is really like a box stuffed with things of every kind. You will find colourful decorations in a “Tim-Burton-meets-Repin” style, and even the toilet will surprise you. Packed with useless objects like vynils, broken mirrors, urns and fluorescent keys, Art-Café Sunduk is probably the most oddest bar you can go to in St. Petersburg.

But the bar is good not only on the visual side: the menu is great as well. There are food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone’s taste. Moreover, the bar also organizes live concerts almost every day. The music genres are really varied, but they have one thing in common: the love for the alternative, the unusual and the unexpected.

Art-Café Sunduk is just two minutes away from Chernyshevskaya (Чернышевская) metro station. Be sure not to miss it: once you have tried, you will surely come back again.

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