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29 December, 2015

Dear students,

I would like to share something that might be useful during your stay in Russia, especially in Saint Petersburg; there is a nice café where you can gather every Thursday evening, at 8.00 pm, to interact with Russians who are interested in learning another languages (such as English, French, Spanish and German), cultures and lifestyle.

Keep in mind that there are two of these café’s, if you are interested in attending the meeting then you must go to Zapadnaya Africa (Западная Африка) located in Naberezhnaya Fontanki 130 (Набережная Фонтанка).

There is a wide variety of choices in their menu, from European, to vegetarian cuisine even from Uzbekistan. I recommend you to try the Kotleta po Kievskii, Borsch, the avocado salad, Chanahi (this is a delicious dish made with lamb and vegetables) and pelmeni. To drink, you can get draft beer, juices, teas and coffee. It is a very cozy and affordable restaurant to meet friends, study or just to try another place to eat around the city. I would say that you can have a good meal for less than 500 rubles, which is equivalent to 7 euro or 6 dollars.

Приятҥого апетита! (Have a nice meal!)

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