16 September, 2014

Recently, you may have noticed something different about the streets of Moscow. This month, artists have transformed the city into a vast canvas during the first biennale ‘Artmossphere’ festival. More than 70 artists from Russia and beyond have come together in order to present an array of very different works to the public, and to bring colour to the city.

The union of sculptors, abstract painters and graffiti artists has resulted in an unbelievable variety of works. You will find immense murals covering entire facades of buildings, and works adorning everything from bus shelters to subway stations. In паркмузеон(Museon Park), you can see the glittering four meter high, crystal encrusted sculpture by Spanish sculptor ‘Okuda’, and elsewhere you can find fascinating artworks by renowned Russian street artist ‘Misha Most’.

If you love art, but you’d like to be a little more involved, there is great news. Artmossphere is running events such as creative workshops, lectures and educational courses alongside the open-air exhibition, in the beautiful ARTPLAY design centre. In here, you will also find an additional indoor exhibition displaying yet more awe-inspiring pieces from graphic work and illustration to installations.

These incredible installations covering the city have created a playful, surreal atmosphere. The ‘exhibition’ closes in just four days, so go and see as many of the works as possible while they still remain in place! Remember, the best way to experience a city is on foot, so what better time to do this than now?

For more information about the artists, events and more, see the official Artmossphere website:

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