What makes St Petersburg so… Petersburg?

This year is the third time that I have had the pleasure of living in St Petersburg (also lovingly known as ‘Piter’). It’s a city that is so easy to fall in love with, and the first time I came here, within a couple of weeks I was completely and utterly charmed. The city’s atmosphere… Continue reading


Riga Harvest Festival

The best possible way to get really well acquainted with a city is to get involved with as many local events and customs as possible. If you’re currently studying in Riga, this month will provide the perfect chance. Each year in September, the final Sunday of the month sees locals of Riga throw a huge… Continue reading


Duolingo: a free language learning game!

free language learning

Duolingo: a free language learning game! Привет ребята! Today, I want to share with you a very useful website and mobile app for learning Russian and many other languages: Duolingo, a free language learning game! It is absolutely (ad) free and at the moment it features courses for English speakers in 18 languages. Other language… Continue reading