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31 Jul
As you may have heard, Liden & Denz is opening a new Russian language centre in Riga, Latvia. In all three Baltic States, Russian is to some extent spoken by people without any ethnic connection with Russia, as a result of the Soviet occupation, during which citizens of these countries were forced to learn Russian. ...
04 Jul
  Meet Liden & Denz: Nikolaus Graf Vitzthum Why did you decide to start learning Russian? Russian offers me new job opportunities. I started learning Russian three years ago in Germany. Now I will be sent to Moscow to work as an economic attaché at the German embassy. Do you find learning Russian difficult? Which part of ...
28 Jun
Nerelle Constance Poroch is an Australian, working as Researcher of Aboriginal People in Canberra. Here is her story: How did you come up with idea to learn Russian and why in Russia?  Nothing connected to my profession, I started because my late husband was Ukrainian and we studied Russian together at university. I left university ...