A good-bye and a 10 must-do-things-list!

Dear all, as sadly all good things in life eventually come to an end, so has my time in Saint Petersburg and at Liden & Denz. It is difficult for me to wrap up my experience in a few words: my time here was so intense that sometimes I feel that I have been here… Continue reading


Liden & Denz new student in Moscow

new student

A little bit about myself Hi everyone, it is a pleasure to start writing in this blog! I am Francesca, the new intern at Liden & Denz Moscow. My main task is to write interesting articles about the Russian culture and share my exciting experience of living in the capital. I am an Italian student… Continue reading


Artists/Assistants @ Triumph Gallery

Triumph Gallery

Artists/Assistants @ Triumph Gallery My list of things I want to do and see in Moscow before I leave seems to be ever-growing. Every time I tick something off my Moscow bucket list, I discover something else that I just have to do. My FOMO (fear of missing out) has honestly reached new and, somewhat,… Continue reading