Lenin and Nadezhda: husband and wife 116 years ago!

On July 22, 1898 Lenin married Nadezhda Krupskaya, to which he would later refer as his ideological “friend, comrade, and sister”. Lenin had come to know Nadezhda through her best friend, Apollinaria Yakubova, a young and beautiful girl with whom Lenin was romantically involved at the time of their meeting. Both Apollinaria and Nadezhda were members of the Marxist group of St.… Continue reading


When in Russia: Drink Kvas, an Ultimate Russian Drink!

Russian drink

When in Russia: Drink Kvas, an Ultimate Russian Drink! “Bad kvas is better than good water”, at least according to a common Russian saying about this Russian drink. And if you’ve ever quenched your thirst on kvas, you might as well give some credit to Russian popular wisdom, since this sparkling and tart drink is very good indeed. Plus,… Continue reading


Exciting Weekend? Yes! Lake Swimming Near Saint-Petersburg!

lake swimming

Exciting Weekend? Yes! Lake Swimming Near Saint-Petersburg! Feeling hot in Saint-Petersburg? Wishing the Russian summer were cooler, so that you would not arrive sweaty at school in the morning? Why don’t you make the best of the summer heat with a nice trip to the lake, like I did last Sunday? The place where I went is called… Continue reading


Russian Tragedy of July 17th 1918: Romanov Execution

Romanov Execution

Russian Tragedy of July 17th 1918: Romanov Execution Today is an important, if tragic, date in Russian history – Romanov Execution. On 17 July 1918, precisely 96 years ago, the shooting of the Romanov family occurred, bringing to an abrupt end the Russian imperial dynasty. No member of imperial family was spared from the execution, which included… Continue reading


Ellie Goulding (and more) in Latvia: Positivus music festival!

After having heard me talk about the big music festivals in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow, those of you in Riga might have felt a little left out. Fear not, dear Riga-dwellers, because great summer-music is coming to you as well! This Thursday the biggest music festival of the Baltic States, called Positivus, kicks off in the northern Latvian… Continue reading


Afisha Picnic Festival in Moscow, with Jamiroquai, Suede and MGMT!

Moscovites! If you don’t have a plan yet for this coming saturday and yet you want to make it a day that you will remember, look no further. The Afisha Picnic Festival could be truly a highlight of your summer in Moscow. Started in 2004, this event has gained massive attendance throughout the years, to the point that many people refer… Continue reading


School trip to Kolomna!

“Everything here is unlike other parts of Petersburg; it’s not the capital and it’s not the provinces. It’s all about silence  and retirement here.” – Nikolai Gogol on Kolomna Some of you who missed the trip organised by the school last Wednesday have asked me how was Kolomna. And what’s better than a blog post to… Continue reading


Interview to Alex from the UK!

Alex Sowerby, who is 22 years old and from the UK, has just finished his study/teaching programme at Liden & Denz, which started in September 2013. In this interview he shares his reflections on his time in Saint Petersburg and at Liden & Denz. What is your current occupation? I am currently a student at Bristol University… Continue reading