Moscow’s Fallen Monument Park: Soviet Statue Graveyard

Fallen Monument Park

Moscow’s Fallen Monument Park: Soviet Statue Graveyard Located on the Krymskaya Naberezhnaya embankment is a Fallen Monument park unlike any other in Moscow. The park is filled with statues and monuments left behind from the Soviet-era. In 1991, due to anti-Soviet sentiments, many of the statues and monuments of Soviet idols that were scattered throughout the… Continue reading


Visit Храм Спаса на Крови!

Храм Спаса на Крови, often called the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood or the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, is a sight that you can’t miss on your trip to St.Petersburg. Even if you don’t tour the church, it would be nearly impossible to not see, as it is visible from the… Continue reading


Lifting of the Leningrad Blockade- This Day in History

On this day in 1944 the siege of Leningrad was officially lifted when the Soviet offensive pushed German forces out of the city. It is one of the longest lasting and catastrophic sieges in history. The blockade began on the 8th of July in 1941 and lasted nearly 900 days. Leningrad was officially cut off… Continue reading


Student Story: My First Impressions of Moscow

First impressions

Student Story: My First Impressions of Moscow Firs impressions, and impressions in general, after traveling to Russia usually includes visiting a minimum of two cities, St.Petersburg and Moscow. Hopefully travelers will manage to see more of Russia, as St.Petersburg and Moscow only offer a very specific experience, however sometimes due to time, money, or visa… Continue reading


Have you heard about Ra-Ra-Rasputin…?


Have you heard about Ra-Ra-Rasputin…? Anyone who has studied Russian history has likely been captivated by the mysterious figure that greatly influenced the last tsar and his entire family. This man, known as Rasputin, is one of the most talked about figures in Russian history, but does he really deserve all of the attention? Grigory… Continue reading


Blini- Staff Favorite Recipe

Every Friday I will post a staff member’s favorite Russian dish, along with the history of the food, cultural traditions, and a recipe. This week our recipe is Блины с икрой (blini with caviar). Blini are very thin pancakes, traditionally made of wheat, rye, or buckwheat flour. They can be eaten either as a meal or a… Continue reading


Riga Cat House

One of Riga’s most popular and interesting attractions is the Riga Cat House. Located in Old Riga near the town center, the Cat House is easily spotted due to the two black cat statues situated on the roof. The building was originally constructed in 1909 and has art nouveau architecture. Although the building itself is… Continue reading


6 “Must-See” Unusual Museums of St.Petersburg

Unusual Museums

6 “Must-See” Unusual Museums of St.Petersburg If you are not a classical tourist, and your goal are Unusual Museums – here are a couple of suggestions. 1. Дом вверх днем (Upside-Down House) This museum is exactly what is sounds like- a house that is flipped upside down! It is a very popular site in St.Petersburg,… Continue reading