My inspiring experience in St. Petersburg

inspiring experience

My inspiring experience in St. Petersburg After an inspiring experience I had in St. Petersburg, it’s hard to believe how fast eight weeks can fly by. But, here I am, writing my goodbye post! My time here in St. Petersburg has been more gratifying, exciting and intense than I could have imagined. When I was planning… Continue reading


Tkachi Creative Space in St. Petersburg

One of the more interesting things to do while studying in St. Petersburg is to check out some of the city’s “creative spaces”. This offers a different view of the local culture and it may also be something you can’t find very easily in your home country. My colleague Ana wrote a great article about… Continue reading


I’m Thankful For Today – a great cafe in St. Petersburg!

This week I tried out a great new place in St. Petersburg which I would love to recommend to you! It’s called I’m Thankful For Today and is located just off the Griboyedov Canal (Канал Грибоедова), south of Nevsky Prospekt and not far from school. I’m Thankful For Today is open from 10:00am until the… Continue reading


Moscow’s Arbat Street

I spent the past weekend exploring Moscow — a great experience which I’m glad I had during my time in Russia! Of course it’s impossible to see very much of this enormous city in just a few days, but one sight we definitely wanted to check out was Arbat Street (Улица Арват). The Arbat is… Continue reading


Sightseeing on Vasilievsky Island

You can do some great Sightseeing on Vasilievsky Island. Here in St. Petersburg I live on Vasilievsky Island (Васильевский остров). Aside from the occasional issues getting home before the bridges open for the night, it is a pretty amazing place to live. I thought I would highlight a few of the sights on the island… Continue reading


A Journey Through Time With the House of Fabergé


A Journey Through Time With the House of Fabergé I recently had the chance to visit the incredible Fabergé Museum in central St. Petersburg, just a few minutes away from Liden & Denz in the city center. The Fabergé Museum’s impressive collection gives the visitor a unique glimpse into the history of imperial Russia, particularly… Continue reading


Worth While: Photography Exhibitions in Moscow!

Photography exhibitions

Worth While: Photography Exhibitions in Moscow! The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography (Центр Фотографий Имени Братев Люмьер) opened in Moscow in 2010 and contains three exhibition halls, a gallery of photography for collection, a bookstore and a cafe. The center is specifically dedicated to Russian, Soviet and foreign photography of the twentieth century. In addition… Continue reading


Uber in St. Petersburg and Moscow!

Now there is Uber in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Upon arriving in St. Petersburg or Moscow, many students depend on the metro to get around the city. It’s the easiest system to figure out, since metro maps are readily available and stops are clearly marked. But what are your options if you need to get… Continue reading