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17 Jun
Midsummer’s Eve: A Latvian Tradition! If you’re lucky enough to be in Riga this summer, don’t miss Latvia’s most popular holiday next week — Midsummer’s Eve! Midsummer’s Eve, or Jāņi in Latvian, has its origins in an ancient pagan tradition which commemorated the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year. Nowadays, the holiday is ...
13 Jun
Facts And Exhibitions At The Mayakovsky Library in St. Petersburg This past week I had the pleasure of viewing two exhibits at a branch of the Mayakovsky Library (Библиотека Им. В.В. Маяковского) on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. History The library has a long history as a symbol of knowledge in the city of St. ...
09 Jun
One Of The Largest Flea Markets In The World Is In St.Petersburg Udelnaya Flea Market Looking for a unique way to practice your Russian this weekend, and maybe pick up a few souvenirs along the way? Then head north to St.Petersburg flea market Udelnaya (Блошиный рынок на «Удельной»)! One of the largest flea markets in ...
01 Jun
Всем привет! Меня зовут Эми и я новый редакционный стажер в Центре Лиден и DenZ в Санкт-Петербурге. Я родом из США, но я живу и работаю в Германии в течение последних двух лет. До этого, я закончил степень бакалавра в области современных языков в Шотландии. Я взволнован, чтобы провести следующие восемь недель обучения русской здесь ...
28 Feb
Steven Hendrickson from Duluth in Minnesota worked half a year as an intern for Liden & Denz while at the same time studying Russian  at our St. Petersburg centre. Here are his final thoughts: Today is my last day after 6 amazing months in Saint Petersburg studying Russian and working as an Intern for Liden ...
13 Feb
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This week, Liden & Denz  welcomed a guest speaker,  Joanna Watson from England to St. Petersburg, for a two day long teaching seminar. The seminar covered 6 different topics including working with young learners, teaching one on one, recognizing students needs, different learning styles and much more. The seminar was full, with over 25 teachers from ...
23 Jan
  Edward Wingfield is an English student, studying French and Russian at the University of Oxford. Here is his story:  Why did you decide to come to Russia to study Russian? I’ve been studying Russian now since I was about 16 and I had a very charismatic teach from Russia who said that if we ...
03 Dec
One of the best things about studying Russian in Latvia is the chance to see the county’s unique blend of cultures. The best and most beautiful place to see this is in Riga’s Old Town center. Known as  Vecrīga in Latvian (Старый город in Russian), the Old Town exhibits the layered history of the city’s ...
28 Oct
Last Friday, Liden & Denz opened its doors to students, staff and friends from other schools to celebrate education abroad. The event was marked by food, drinks, great conversion and a prize lottery, which featured some fun and ridiculous Russian and English words with the chance to win free Russian language lessons! Enjoy some of ...