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13 Aug

Kronstadt – from the German “krone” (crown) and “stadt” (city) – is a municipal seaport town located on Kotlin Island near the head of the Gulf of Finland. To visit Kronstadt, you can ...

11 Aug

During World War II, the Gatchina Palace was severely damaged and had to be reconstructed. Years later the different rooms became available to visitors, such as the Anteroom, The Marble Dining ...

08 Aug

In the centre of the city it can be hard to find good Supermarkets in Saint Petersburg. You have probably heard about Stockmann’s and Lend’s supermarket by now, but maybe they are out of the ...

05 Aug

Vecrīga is a very eventful city in the historical center of Riga, where one can go to see some of Riga’s famous old churches and cathedrals.
I recently came across this website, which I ...

04 Aug

If you are looking for an incredible gastronomical experience in Moscow with a 360 view, you shouldn’t miss White Rabbit.
This very well-known restaurant is located on the 16th floor of ...

03 Aug

Saint Petersburg is full of great restaurants, but also bars. If you have been in Saint Petersburg for a while now, you are probably already familiar with Ulitsa Rubinsteina. But there is ...

31 Jul

There are many places to have St. Petersburg breakfast. We have created a selection of our favourite ones. Please enjoy your stay in the city.

Obed Buffet
A great place for a late ...

30 Jul

If you are not looking for the cheapest option in one of the most expensive cities in the world but want something worth your money, Uilliam’s has a great menu for ...

28 Jul

Regardless of  weather and season one can always see the change of guards in front of Lenin’s Mausoleum, accompanied by the Kremlin chimes. This daily ceremony was maintained during the ...

23 Jul

Cēsis is one of Latvia’s most beautiful towns situated in the centre of Vidzeme with a medieval background and rich in contemporary culture. One of Cēsis’ most popular attractions is the Cēsis ...

21 Jul

If you are craving a delicious lamb vindaloo or chicken madras curry, you definitely need to visit this restaurant. Their menu is huge, with a wide selection of vegetarian alternatives, and ...

16 Jul

In this gastronomical tour you will be given the opportunity to try traditional Latvian food. A local foodie will guide you through the Riga Central Market and show you all the Latvian ...