Easter is the most important celebration of Christendom. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. In principle, this is the same celebration for Catholics / Protestants and Orthodox . But since the schism of 1054 and the separation of the two churches, traditions and customs for Easter have … Continue reading


Tram is Fast – An Epiphany After Moscow Traffic Jam

Moscow Traffic Jam

Tram is Fast – An Epiphany After Moscow Traffic Jam Like in any big city, Moscow Traffic Jam is an experience of its own. Moscow is mired in daily traffic. This is a real problem, since every day, thousands of users spend some time blocked on the road. Did you know that Moscow is now the city… Continue reading


Moscow and Saint Petersburg: Centres of Russian Life

There is no doubt, that these two cities are the heart of Russia, both culturally and historically. It is also true that when the rest of the world refers to Russia, we talk mainly of these two cities that are also the two largest  of the country. When Peter the Great decided to build St.… Continue reading


9 Moscow Districts You Should Pay a Visit

Moscow Districts

9 Moscow Districts You Should Pay a Visit Numerous Moscow Districts only add to the charm this lady possesses. For its size, it is not difficult to imagine that Moscow has a large number of districts (районы) ! There are twelve « okrug »: nine are within the town, and the last three  outside (Zelenogradsky, Novomosky… Continue reading


The Bolshoi Theatre

Everyone knows what the Bolshoi theatre is, as symbolic for Russia as the Eiffel Tower is for  France or Big Ben for England. Its image is also on the Russian bill of 100 rubles. It was the place of many historic openings such as the famous ballet “Swan Lake” in 1877 (and still played today!)… Continue reading


Kolomna Pastila museum

Usually in a museum, we visit with the eyes. And sometimes, just looking can be boring. But with Kolomna Pastila museum, all your senses are awakened! Let yourself be carried away by the smell and taste of pastila! The place lives and breathes: a living museum to savor! You can visit the old factory and… Continue reading


Exploring Moscow Metropolitan Subway

Moscow Metropolitan

Exploring Moscow Metropolitan Subway When you arrive in Moscow, there is something you cannot miss: the subway. Usually we consider it as a means of transport. But here it is more than that! Metro stations are real works of art of socialist realism: they are called “underground palaces”. I urge you to go stroll in… Continue reading


Met at Liden & Denz – Yong Cheol Choi

Yong Cheol Choi comes from South Korea and is a marketing manager in an electronics company. Here is his story: How did you come up with the idea of learning Russian and why in Russia? I have worked with the Russian market for 6 years in my company. So far I have only communicated with… Continue reading