Myths & stereotypes about Russia which are not true

Myths & stereotypes about Russia are not always true

Today marks the six month anniversary of my initial move to Russia in February, and my flight back to the UK. To find a way to say goodbye to this wonderful, crazy country, I thought I would take some classic stereotypes and bash them with my experiences. Russians are grumpy all the time It’s easy… Continue reading


Brushing Up on Russian Modern History

Reviewing Russian modern history

I am a self-professed history nerd, especially when it comes to modern history of Russia. As I’m now into my final week in St. Petersburg, I find myself looking at the long list of must-see sights I made in my first week and despairing at how few I’ve managed to cross off. The modern history… Continue reading


A Very Russian Birthday

Anyone who has had any interaction with me in the last few weeks will know that it is my birthday today – and that I still get about way too over-excited about it. To further fuel my enthusiasm (and, of course, further deepen my understanding of Russian culture) here are some of the traditions and… Continue reading


This Day in History: Inauguration of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

During my time in St. Petersburg so far, I have walked past St. Isaac’s Cathedral and been quietly impressed with it more times than I can say. However, I never took the time to find out about the history of it, but the 249th anniversary of its inauguration today has given me a great opportunity… Continue reading


Laughing Hens and Silent Cows

Back by popular demand, here are some more widely-used and wonderful Russian sayings, this time all following the theme of animals. Enjoy! Чья бы корова мычала, а твоя бы молчала Корова is the Russian for cow, and what do cows do? They either moo – мычать, or stay silent – молчать. Thus, whose cow would… Continue reading


Small Dictionary of Russian Trains: Russian for travelling

Travelling by Russian trains

Travelling by Russian trains has always been a popular and cheap way to travel in Russia, and many do not think anything of journeys which last several days when venturing far. As a foreigner, travelling out of Moscow or Petersburg by train is a definite must-do. Not only do you get to explore outside the… Continue reading


5 Summery Things to Do in St. Petersburg

Anyone keeping track of the articles coming out of the St. Petersburg campus at the moment will realise that we are not being blessed with the best summer weather. As far as sightseeing goes in these circumstances, it’s limited to wandering around museums (like the Erarta museum – a little bit of self-promo never hurt… Continue reading


Some Russian proverbs with fish sayings & quotes

Fish is common in Russian proverbs

I do have a soft spot for Russian proverbs and sayings, there just seems to be one for every situation that has ever existed. My previous foray into the use of porridge to jazz up your language proved how much this basic foodstuff has made its way into everyday use, and I wondered: has this… Continue reading