Myths & stereotypes about Russia which are not true

Myths & stereotypes about Russia are not always true

Today marks the six month anniversary of my initial move to Russia in February, and my flight back to the UK. To find a way to say goodbye to this wonderful, crazy country, I thought I would take some classic stereotypes and bash them with my experiences. Russians are grumpy all the time It’s easy… Continue reading


Привет und Servus :)

Hello dear readers, my Name is Florian, I am 28 years old and live in the wonderful city of Munich / Germany. For the next couple of weeks I do an internship as editorial assistant at Liden and Denz in Saint Petersburg, where I study Russian for 5 weeks now. My task during my stay will be to… Continue reading


Anna Akhmatova Museum: Fragments of Memories

When travelling in Russia, especially in the main cities you immediately notice that there are plenty of museums to visit. They are actually so many that you wouldn’t probably be able to see all of them even during a long stay in this country. In particular you can find many of the so-called house-museums in… Continue reading