A guide to the Petersburg bridges


A guide to the Petersburg bridges The bridge system in Saint Petersburg can be confusing to say the least. If you’re visiting in winter, when the rivers and canals are iced over then you have nothing to worry about. However, in summer, all the main bridges across the Neva, the Bolshaya Nevka, the Malaya Neva, and the… Continue reading


Emperor Peter I orders: “You can marry after Graduation”

Emperor Peter I

Emperor Peter I: “You can marry after Graduation” On January 31, 1714, Russian Emperor Peter I, aspiring to boost the literacy level amongst teenage members of the nobility, issued his decree only allowing young men to get married after they had completed their studies. In the strictest sense, it was not until Peter’s coming to… Continue reading


Geburtstagstraditionen in Russland

Überall auf der Welt gibt es verschiedene Geburtstagstraditionen. Jedes Land hat seine Art, diesen besonderen Tag zu feiern. Es ist weltweit üblich, Geschenke zu schenken und das Lied “Happy Birthday” zu singen, aber Russland hat einige Traditionen, die es nur hier gibt. Die Länge der Glückwünsche Überall in Europa wird es immer häufiger, einen kurzen… Continue reading