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23 Jun
A guide to the Petersburg bridges The bridge system in Saint Petersburg can be confusing to say the least. If you’re visiting in winter, when the rivers and canals are iced over then you have nothing to worry about. However, in summer, all the main bridges across the Neva, the Bolshaya Nevka, the Malaya Neva, and the ...
21 Jun
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Puede la ‘Memrise’ ayudarte aprender el Ruso? Hoy en día, existen aplicaciones y paginas del web incontables lo que sostienen que puedan ayudarte descubrir un idioma extranjero. Con una búsqueda rápida en Google, encontrará miles de paginas con títulos como ‘Tres semanas a la fluidez’ – algo que sabemos, desafortunadamente, no es posible. Hoy voy ...
15 Jun
Making the most of summer in St. Petersburg After a particularly rainy patch of weather, it seems that the sun may be coming back into our lives here in Saint Petersburg. Here are some ideas of how to make the most of the warmth, sunshine, and White Nights this summer! Take a break from the ...
14 Jun
Year of Russian Cinema Watching films is a great way to practise your Russian. Even if you keep the subtitles on, you’re still getting yourself used to the sounds and flow of the language. It’s also a great way to find out more about the culture and history of the countries that speak the language you are ...
13 Jun
A look at Japan and Russia’s shared history Today marks the beginning of the 10th festival of Japanese culture, ‘Garden of Pleasures’ in Saint Petersburg. This festival takes place every year, and will last until the 24th of June. It aims to strengthen and develop relations between Japan and Russia, as well as educate people ...
09 Jun
Modern art at ‘Erarta’ in Saint Petersburg The Erarta museum holds the biggest collection of modern art in Russia. Given the recent spout of bad weather, I went in search of both some great artwork, and a dry place to spend a few hours. Opened in 2010, Erarta is one of Petersburg’s newer museums, yet spans 10,000 ...
08 Jun
Can Memrise help you learn Russian? Nowadays, there are countless apps and websites claiming to hold the key to unlocking a foreign language. A quick google search will through up thousands of pages with titles like ‘Fluent In Three Weeks!’ – something as we know is, sadly, impossible. Today I’m going to talk about an app ...
07 Jun
‘Realisms’ at the Hermitage While many tourists and natives visit the Hermitage every day, much of the attention is paid to the world acclaimed permanent collection. Today however, marks the opening of ‘Realisms’ (or ‘Peaлизмы’), a new exhibition featuring 21 works by British artist Mitch Griffiths, as well as art by Jim Shaw and Tony ...
06 Jun
Russian Language Day Today marks the ‘UN Russian Language Day’ – an event established first celebrated in 2011. It was established with the aim of both raise awareness of the culture, history, and development of the language, as well as commemorate multiculturalism around the world. It’s no coincidence that it falls on the 6th of June – ...
20 May
Volunteering in Russia, what can you do? Did you ever think about volunteering in Russia? Well, you can, and you should for it can be a very rewarding experience. On Saturday, 14 May five students from Liden & Denz volunteered with the charity “Polza”. They are an organisation that focuses on social rehabilitation, care, development and ...