Modern art at ‘Erarta’ in Saint Petersburg

Modern Art Museum Erarta

Modern art at ‘Erarta’ in Saint Petersburg The Erarta museum holds the biggest collection of modern art in Russia. Given the recent spout of bad weather, I went in search of both some great artwork, and a dry place to spend a few hours. Opened in 2010, Erarta is one of Petersburg’s newer museums, yet spans 10,000… Continue reading


Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky is the Best Movie Theater in Moscow

Pioner Cinema

Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky Pioner Cinema on Kutuzousky has quickly become Moscow’s go-to spot for lovers of all types of cinema. Established in 2009, Pioner shows everything from present-day box-office hits to art-house and art-mainstream blockbusters to classic cinematic masterpieces in their famed “At the Cinema, At Last” events. History Pioner first opened its doors… Continue reading


Expats – brush up your Russian!

I love being back in school. It was high time to do something radical about my admittedly poor writing skills, wrongly applied cases, genders and aspects. This time I would not give up so fast. Writing: I vaguely remember some of the purely orthographic principles (жы- is a no-no etc.) but dictations are a wonderful… Continue reading