Russian farewell – До свидания!

russian farewell

Russian farewell – До свидания!   Time has come say Russian farewell. Three months went like nothing, and time flew away. I’ll tell you shortly my impression, when I came back to school I was very excited and nervous because I was not a regular student anymore. I had to write after class articles about specific… Continue reading


Famous murders in St. Petersburg

famous murders

Famous murders in St. Petersburg   Mikhailovsky Castle. 1801. The murder of Paul I Also known as Inzhenerny Castle. Paul I built it for himself as an impenetrable sanctuary, but from the moment in was built it was doomed to become the place he would spend his final moments. Subsequent modifications to the space in… Continue reading


The History of the Russian Country home – Dacha (Дача)

Russian Country home

The History of the Russian Country home – Dacha (Дача) The history of the Russian Country home – Dacha, is diverse.  The word “dacha” originated in the 17th century from the verb “davat’” (to give), in reference to plots of land distributed by the Tsar. At the beginning of the 18th century during the reign of… Continue reading


Russian Banya (Русская баня)

Russian banya

Russian Banya (Русская баня) I wrote before about the Latvian saunas, it is time to talk about Russian banya now, which are very similar due to their development under the soviet regime, and some customs are exactly the same. From medieval times going to bania is a very old Russian custom that grew with popularity and not… Continue reading


Emperor Peter I orders: “You can marry after Graduation”

Emperor Peter I

Emperor Peter I: “You can marry after Graduation” On January 31, 1714, Russian Emperor Peter I, aspiring to boost the literacy level amongst teenage members of the nobility, issued his decree only allowing young men to get married after they had completed their studies. In the strictest sense, it was not until Peter’s coming to… Continue reading


Amazing Facts About Latvian Saunas

Latvian Saunas

Amazing Facts About Latvian Saunas If you go to Riga, then you should try to get to a Latvian Sauna. If you have been too long in Russia (I assumed you have tried the Russian Banya). First of all, I’m going to explain you from where the idea came from. Sauna Then and Now The… Continue reading


Dawn of Second World War: Leningrad Siege

Leningrad Siege

Dawn of Second World War: Leningrad Siege What is the Leningrad Siege? In the early hours of 22 June 1941, Hitler’s Germany attacked Stalin’s Soviet Union. World War II had come to Russia. For Leningrad, the war meant blockade. Less than three months after the invasion, German Army Group North reached the outskirts of the… Continue reading


Ghost tour in Moscow

If you want to meet a ghost and chat with spirits, you don’t need to travel to Transylvania, just take a walk around Moscow, which has an arsenal of nerve-tingling myths and blood-chilling legends, and enjoys a reputation as one of Europe’s most mysterious and strange cities. The ghost trip begins in Moscow’s central street,… Continue reading