TELC test

A month ago I did the Russian certification test, TELC B1. This is a test worldwide recognized that gives value to your resume, no matter what personal reasons you have to learn Russian but I assure you that is always good to have a prove of your knowledge. At the beginning I had a rough… Continue reading


Russian art – The soviet realism-

Socialist Realism is the officially dominating art style for 50 years from the early 1930s. The style and content was set by the state in order to show the purpose of socialism and communism. There were some artists like Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin (Кузьма Петров Водкин), Isaak Brodsky (Исак Бродски), Alexander Samokhvalov and Yuri Pimenov (Юри Пименов) who… Continue reading


Сладости…russian sweets

Сочни – it is a little pie made out of dough that resembles kind of a soft cookie dough. Inside the pie there is tvorog mixed with sugar, butter and eggs. You can find them in many shops and supermarkets by the bread section or in a кондитерская (konditerskaya) located all over town. Картошка –… Continue reading


Razones para aprender ruso

A continuación les dejaré algunas razones por las que aprender ruso es un proceso interesante, divertido e importante. 1.-Turismo en Rusia, debido a que es un destino turístico muy visitado a nivel mundial, posee un gran riqueza cultural e histórica. Una de las mejores maneras de conocer dicho país, es conocer el idioma ya que no es lo mismo… Continue reading


Passport system

Have you ever wondered why do we need to give our passports whenever we want to purchase something in Russia? Passport is the only ID system allowed in Russia, in order to have control over the population and its activities this system was created, here’s the story. On December 27, 1932, the modern passport system… Continue reading


A Taste of Russia: Russian Food Myths

Russian Food myths

A Taste of Russia: Russian Food Myths Russian Food Myths are simply a part of the Russian experience. After spending more than three months in this country you have realized that most of us we were mistaken about our conception with the Russian cuisine. Few years ago, I decided to buy a book about Russian food… Continue reading


Russian New Year’s change

New Year

Despite today is Christmas celebration for most of us, in Russia is just another normal day. I want to draw your attention to a historic fact about the most important Russian celebration which is New Year, but later on I’ll also public how they celebrate it. On December 20, 1699, Russian Tsar Peter the Great issued an… Continue reading


5 facts about Russian Postage Stamps

Russian Postage Stamps

5 Facts About Russian Postage Stamps On December 22, 1857, the Russian Empire Postal Department issued a circular letter on the introduction of Russian postage stamps for public use. 1.Stamp system The first signs of postage were adopted in Russia in 1845 in the form of postal stationary envelopes for local mail in St. Petersburg… Continue reading