Bridges in Saint Petersburg: history and quirks

Saint Petersburg bridges

Today we’re having a closer look at history and quirks of Saint Petersburg’s most beautiful bridges. I mean, this city has an astounding 342 bridges connecting its 42 islands. I feel obliged to mention them. And, on top of that, I find bridges in Saint Petersburg absolutely fascinating, not only because of all the key… Continue reading


Mayakovsky’s Backbone flute

Vladimir Mayakovsky is considered one of the Russian Futurism’s leading figures and is known as the Poet of Revolution. There is no other writer, in fact, linked as much as him with Russian Revolution. Mayakovsky wrote a lot: plays, propaganda slogans, essays, sketches and, of course, poems. Poems about Revolution, about Soviet patriotism, about himself, about… Continue reading


From Broadway with love: Charlie Chaplin in St. Petersburg

Although Charlie Chaplin is American, he has always been really famous in Russia. For instance, clowns in circuses after the Soviet revolution were often dressed in Chaplin-ish costumes. What’s great is that he has come once again to Russia, in the shape of a Broadway musical. The musical “Chaplin” (Чаплин) has already been a smash… Continue reading