[Covid-19]: Liden & Denz switches to distance learning

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18 Sep
Wonderful Peter, До Bстречи! It seems only yesterday I awoke from my slumber at 2am to make the six hour journey to arrive in wonderful Peter, and study at Liden & Denz. After two months studying and interning in this stunning city, it is time for me to bid a fond farewell to the teachers ...
16 Sep
[pullquote align=”left or right”]”I am not a tree hugger, an esoteric or particularly religious, but when I’m standing in the forest, I always get this undefinable feeling and desire to describe it.” (Kaupo Kikkas)[/pullquote] Until this coming Sunday, the 20th of September, at the Latvian Photography Museum, the exhibition “Treescape” will be shown. This exhibition ...
14 Sep
If you’re not sure where to eat in St. Petersburg this week, zoom over to a quaint café on Gorokhovaya ulitsa: Zoom Café. Founded in 2004, Zoom Café oozes a modern, trendy atmosphere whilst serving up delicious food with even tastier prices. According to its website, Zoom “operates as a café, library, info-point, and art ...
11 Sep
This year, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) celebrated its 260th anniversary. It is therefore no surprise that this longstanding educational institution is steeped in history. Located on Sparrow Hills, the main university building has become an emblem of its worldwide prestige. As part of the Seven Sisters in Moscow, the main building acts as a ...
08 Sep
“Novgorod” comes from the Old Church Slavonic Новъ and Городъ, and literally translates as “new city”. Although Veliky Novgorod means “Great New City”, the name is somewhat misleading as it is one of the most important historical cities in Russia. The historical importance of Veliky Novgorod was officially recognised in 1992 when it was granted ...
05 Sep
Imagine being forced to pay tax for having facial hair. For Russian men this became a reality on the 5th of September in 1698 when Peter the Great imposed a beard tax. If Peter the Great had promoted this new tax with an advertising slogan, it probably would have read: Peter’s beard tax, the most ...
03 Sep
The restaurant’s punning name reads in Russian as Jackie Chan, encapsulating that Asian and American cuisines are to be found on the menu at this chilled and chic restaurant. “Jack and Chan” does not deal in American-Asian fusion food, but the menu includes dishes from both sides of the Pacific Ocean. However it’s the Asian ...
02 Sep
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Test your wit and teamwork skills at Mysteria, a puzzle-solving activity for you and your friends. You and your team mates are locked for an hour in a specially designed room equipped with clues and different tools to help you find your way out. All you have to do is join the pieces of the ...
01 Sep
“Посетив ВИНЗАВОД, Вы всегда сможете увидеть искусство, определяющее не только сегодняшний, но и завтрашний день.”* Sofiya Trotsenko, President of VINZAVOD Round the corner from Kurskaya train station, the buildings of a former wine bottling factory have been converted into a contemporary art space. Since 2007, Vinzavod has been transformed into Russia’s biggest centre of contemporary ...
31 Aug
Nikolai Gogol’s stories continue to captivate readers in Russia and around the world. In St. Petersburg, Gogol’s legacy has provided the inspiration for a restaurant and a hotel in his name. But why does Gogol continue to carry such importance in St. Petersburg? Although Gogol did not live in St. Petersburg for very long, his ...