View The City From Anew: Riverboat Tours in Riga

Riverboat tours

View The City From Anew: Riverboat Tours in Riga Riverboat tours are one of the best ways to view the city. Riga is well known for its historic centres, lots of churches and medieval, historical buildings. Since it’s not a huge city one can easily do sightseeing and reach the main places just by walk. The… Continue reading


Russian Folktales and Illustrations

I don’t know how much you know about Russian Folktales and Illustrations but I think among the souvenirs one can bring back from Russia I think there should be also an illustrated book of Russian fairy tales. Russian folktales’ books are really fascinating and most of the time their illustrations are astonishing. Even if these… Continue reading


Dining SSSR style: Good Old Stolovaya


Dining SSSR style: Good Old Stolovaya Добро пожаловать в СССР! (Dobro pozhalovat v SSSR!) When you arrive in Russia and you start to look around to find a place to eat you notice a widespread “phenomenon” called Столовая (Stolovaya). These are public cafeteria-restaurants that you can find everywhere in Russia and can be considered part… Continue reading


The Corner House in Riga

The Corner House is an art Nouveau building in the centre of Riga which actually has quite terrible stories to tell since during his life witnessed too many atrocities and nonsense. Therefore it’s now the symbol of the soviet totalitarian regime that lasted in Latvia for about fifty years. Stūra māja at Brīvības iela 61,… Continue reading


Алые паруса – Celebration of Youth and Dreams!

This night all Saint Petersburg will gather on the Neva banks to watch the stunning fireworks show and the famous ship with scarlet sails. Every years the city celebrates the end of the school year and with it as well youth, hope and dreams. Алые паруса (Alye parusa, Scarlet sails) is one of the most… Continue reading


How Did Bulgakov inspire Rolling Stones?

Rolling Stones

How Did Bulgakov inspire Rolling Stones? Russia has always fascinated foreigners and they from their side turned towards Russia in many different ways, including Rolling Stones. Looking at songs could be an amusing and pleasant activity to understand how and in which ways Russia and Russian culture affected other countries and how foreigners perceived it. Some… Continue reading


Зарядье: Moscow Historical Trade Centre

In the heart of Moscow in front of the Kremlin there’s a less known area of great importance for the city during medieval times. Зарядье (Zaryadye) is an historical district located between Kitay Gorod and the Kremlin. The main street, улица Варварка (Varvarka Ulitsa) is known to be the oldest street in Moscow and takes… Continue reading


Myths and Legends of Saint Petersburg : Медный всaдник

A fascinating thing about monuments is that most of times they have different stories to tell and secret meanings that not everyone is aware of. Медный всaдник (Bronze Horseman) is one of the most romantic symbols of the city and he’s located in front of the Neva bank, looking at the city with love. Actually… Continue reading