Celebrating Orthodox Easter in Russia

Orthodox Easter

During this week many Russians have been preparing for Orthodox Easter celebrations. Even more important than Christmas, Easter is one of the major religious events for Russians, a time that brings a renovated spirit of joy and hope. On this day most of the people go to attend the Easter Mass celebration and then everybody… Continue reading


Thrift shopping in Riga: Kalnciema Quarter Market

Kalnciema Quarter Market

Thrift shopping in Riga: Kalnciema Quarter Market Some of the best places to visit when in a foreign country are local markets and fairs. There’s no such places where you can learn the most strange and interesting things about folk life,customs and history as a marketplace. As in the Flea market in Udelnaya in Saint… Continue reading


Aleksandrovsky Park and Mini Saint Petersburg

Mini Saint Petersburg

Aleksandrovsky Park and Mini Saint Petersburg Russian nature is definitely amazing and worth seeing but not always during our stay we have time to go outside the cities and enjoy its beauty. However, when in Saint Petersburg and Moscow we can at least take advantage of the many parks and gardens of the cities. In… Continue reading


Anna Akhmatova Museum: Fragments of Memories

When travelling in Russia, especially in the main cities you immediately notice that there are plenty of museums to visit. They are actually so many that you wouldn’t probably be able to see all of them even during a long stay in this country. In particular you can find many of the so-called house-museums in… Continue reading


Tchaikovsky’s 175th anniversary Celebrations

On the occasion of Tchaikovsky’s 175th anniversary special events will be held all over Russia during 2015. Пётр Ильич Чайковский (Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky)’s birthday is on May 7, but unique performances and concerts have already started. Especially Saint Petersburg and Moscow, the composer’s most beloved cities, will celebrate the great Russian artist with an extensive… Continue reading


Night Buses in St. Petersburg

In Saint Petersburg the navigation season will start soon, but the touristic one has already begun. The bridges will start to raise at night and during the day it will be possible to take cruses and boat trips on the river and canals. Besides going around the city will be more comfortable because they will… Continue reading


The Seven Sisters of Moscow

Сталинские высотки (Stalinskie Vysotki) raise massively, dominating Moscow skyline. Also known by the tourists as Seven Sisters they are one of the most popular examples of the legacy of the Stalinist era. They were built after World War II from 1947 to 1953. Stalin believed the Russian capital needed to be renovated to compete with… Continue reading


Amazing Churches You Didn’t Know About: St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Peterhof

Amazing Churches

Amazing Churches You Didn’t Know About: St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Peterhof Amazing Churches and cathedrals are among the most alluring places to visit in Russia and they never lose their charm on visitors. Very often you don’t fell like visiting a museum more than two times but Russian orthodox churches have such a… Continue reading