7 Postcard Famous Saint Petersburg Bridges

Saint Petersburg Bridges

7 Postcard Famous Saint Petersburg Bridges Saint Petersburg has an amazingly rich history and culture and it’s famous for its wonderful museums and parks, the impressive architecture and stunning landscapes. But the bridges are the real symbol of Saint Petersburg and one of its most interesting attractions. When Saint Petersburg was designed, they took Amsterdam… Continue reading


Arbat: Moscow’s Cultural Heart

Старый Арбат (Stary Arbat) is a one kilometer long pedestrian street in the heart of the Arbat district and one of the most charming and famous street of Moscow. Souvenir stalls, shops, restaurants, cafés and bars spring up all along the street and performers and artists at every corner creating an alluring, bohemian atmosphere. This… Continue reading


ПирО.Г.И.- It’s always time to eat!

Saint Petersburg as Moscow, is a city that never sleeps. Продукты (producty), кафе (café)and столовые (stolovie) are usually open 24/7, so that it’s never too early or too late to eat! If you visit Saint Petersburg it will seem to you that you don’t need to follow a specific timetable to live. The majority of… Continue reading


The Era of Art in Russia – Erarta

Erarta is the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia and it collects artworks of talented artists from over 20 regions of Russia. The museum aims at a widest audience and totally not only at art experts. Its purpose is to bring people closer to contemporary art and make it an important part of… Continue reading


Restaurant Lido – Traditional Latvian Cuisine in Riga

Restaurant Lido

Restaurant Lido – Traditional Latvian Cuisine in Riga Restaurant Lido is the most popular restaurant and bistro network in Latvia for its Traditional Latvian Cuisine. Not just international visitors really appreciate it, but locals too. Lido is a chain of restaurants that offer three different solutions to experience Latvian national cuisine. The medieval and intimate… Continue reading


Women’s Day in Russia

On March 8, Russia celebrates Международный женский день, the Women’s Day in Russia, a special day for all women, recognized as national public holiday. Many official buildings and educational institutions are closed on this day but shops and Киоски (kioski) usually work. It often happens that if this day falls on a weekend, the public holiday and… Continue reading


Women’s Day in Saint Petersburg

On March 8 Russians are going to celebrate Women’s Day. In every city they organize parties especially for women, exhibitions and film screenings. How is Saint Petersburg celebrating Women’s Day? Since it’s a lively and entertaining city it offers any kind of event to meet everybody’s taste! Entrainments and music shows on Women’s Day Maza… Continue reading


Пойдём в кино? – Russian movies: enjoy and learn!

Russian movies

Пойдём в кино? – Russian movies: enjoy and learn! Learning Russian language is a hard job, but there are many ways to make it a pleasure i.e. by watching Russian movies. Music and movies are among the most enjoyable solutions. Not only you practice your listening skills in this way, but you learn more about… Continue reading