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14 Jul
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Kamila and Lucia have come to the end of their internships at Liden & Denz, here they reflect on their experiences of learning and living in Russia over the past six weeks. Lucia: Kamila, you interned with Liden and Denz in St. Petersburg last year, what made you decide to return? Kamila: Yes, last summer ...
13 Jul
Ironically – one of the highlights of visiting Russia is an international cuisine! It’s hard to find anyone who has visited a Georgian restaurant who doesn’t rave about it endlessly afterwards. If you have yet to be initiated, use our handy dictionary to help decide what to pick off the menu. 1. Хачапури (Khachapuri) The ...
12 Jul
Learn Russian like a Memory Master With six cases, two verb aspects and very few vocabulary cognates, learning Russian involves an intimidating amount to memorise. Here are some hacks to help you manage. It struck me mid-way through one of my lessons last week; we were learning four Russian verbs equivalent to the English ‘to ...
06 Jul
Following our review of Zinaida Serebryakova’s exhibition at the Tretyakov, we take a look at the careers of five other female artists who have made major contributions to Russian cultural history. 1. Natalia Goncharova (1881-1962) Goncharova’s rich career frequently courted controversy. She scandalised Moscow society for being the first woman in the city to wear ...
03 Jul
The Tretyakov gallery’s summer’s blockbuster exhibition is the biggest ever retrospective of Zinaida Serebryakova – perhaps the most famous Russian artist you’ve never heard of… Zinaida Serebryakova (1884-1967), deserves to be far better known than she is. One of the most remarkable female artists in Russian history, her long career spanned multiple different styles and ...
28 Jun
Self-study is essential to improving your Russian – but lets face it, finding the time is tricky… Luckily, help is at hand with language-learning apps. Can memorising vocab really be turned into entertainment? We review five of the best apps to find out. The market for language-learning apps has exploded in recent years, and with ...
27 Jun
Memorising vocabulary and practicing grammar is so much easier with a good working environment. Moscow has no shortage of cafes, but here’s a hidden gem that you may not have found otherwise… The entrance is, admittedly, unpromising. Ziferblat is located round the back of a продукы store, in a car park. There’s no sign – ...
23 Jun
Moscow’s metro is truly unlike any other! Spend any time in the city, and you’ll certainly be travelling on its underground – our handy dictionary will introduce you to the essential terms you need to get on and get around. 1. Автомат (Ticket Machine) Автоматы are the machines you’ll see at the entrance to each metro ...
20 Jun
In part two of our blog on Moscow architecture, we talk you through the lives and works of some of the strangest Soviet architects… The peaks and domes of Moscow’s iconic skyline are so famous that even people who have never visited the city are familiar with many of its architectural landmarks. But the city also ...
19 Jun
Finding a place to live in Europe’s largest city is an overwhelming task, here’s our handy guide to help you out: Liden & Denz does a fantastic job providing accommodation for its students, in shared flats, family home-stays or studio-apartments. If however, you’re interested in finding private accommodation for your stay in Russia it can be ...