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23 Apr
Let me guess. For some reason, you decided to learn Russian, maybe for work, maybe as a new hobby, maybe to impress your friends. Whatever it might be, I have no doubt you found yourself at some point in a bookstore, surrounded by books trying to convince you of how easy it is to learn ...
13 Apr
The virus which emerged in Wuhan and colonized and paralyzed the entire world within only a few weeks has transformed most of our busy and passionate life’s into a boring emptiness. We all know about all these activities and hobbies we can start with that free time, just as we know how much of all ...
06 Apr
If one culture is known for having influenced and played an important diplomatic role in Russia, it is France. Especially in St. Petersburg, and in its cultural and artistic History, the influence of French philosophers and thinkers, notably during Enlightment is palpable. For this reason, I thought it would be interesting to compare Russian and ...
31 Mar
Since the beginning of the spread of the infamously famous Corona Virus, everyday life has changed its definition all around the world. Indeed, being progressively retrieved from social contact and most of us being stuck at home, our usual activities were almost all put to an end. However, learning a language is still possible thanks ...
11 Mar
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PETER’S INHERITORS : CATHERINE THE 1st, PIERRE the 2nd, ANNE AND ELISABETH We started summerising the History of St. Petersburg with our first article on Peter the Great. Here, we will continue this exciting story with the four Tsars which followed him: Catherine the 1st, Pierre the 2nd, Anne and Elisabeth. 1.     Catherine the first: 1724-1727 ...
04 Mar
I was surprised that even though we had articles on particular Petersburg monuments, we had no article about the overall History of St. Petersburg… so here we go! When I told relatives, I would spend the next three months in St. Petersburg, their first reaction was always enthusiasm for the History and culture that the city ...