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17 Aug
Being an au pair in Russia is one of the most amazing and interesting things which I have ever done. Due to my interest in Russian culture, when I was 21 years old I decided to spend two months as au pair in Syktyvkar, the Capital city of the Komi Republic. Why Syktyvkar? Five years ...
11 Aug
There are a lot of things I love about Russia, but I’m definitely obsessed with food. If you’re planning to visit St.Petersburg (or Russia in general), mentally prepare yourself: you’ll gain some weight! It is impossible to resist delicious – and very affordable – street food while walking around the city. So, here are some ...
08 Aug
Привет! My name is Krizia and I’m the new intern at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. I’ve been studying Russian for 4 years and I’m currently attending a MA in Specialised Translation at the University of Trieste. I love travelling, cooking, writing poems and making new friends. My dream is to become a literary ...