Meet our student, Paolo


Paolo Gomiero, 23,  has been studying at Liden and Denz Moscow for 3 weeks. I had the chance to interview him about his experiences here. What is your current occupation? I’m a student studying  foreign Languages at Literatures at Universita’ degli Studi di Bergamo in  Italy. Why did you decide to study Russian in Moscow?… Continue reading


Time to Say Goodbye, До Свидания Moscow!

say goodbye

Time to Say Goodbye, До свидания Moscow! It’s time for me to say goodbye, seven weeks in Moscow have come to an end. Moscow is a city that definitely grows on you. At first it really didn’t seem like a place where I wanted to spend 5 weeks of my summer. However, in the end I… Continue reading


Spasskaya Tower – Moscow’s Military Music Festival

Music Festival

Between 27th August and 4th September, Red Square will host the ninth International military music festival. Since its creation, over 140 groups from 40 countries have been involved in the festival. Around 1500 musicians, military personnel, and artists of various forms, will take part. Staged with the backdrop of the Kremlin walls, the festival provides… Continue reading


Night at the Ballet – Why everyone should go, if only once


Last week I decided to attend a ballet – “the Nutcracker”, accompanied by a friend of mine who also studies Russian in Moscow. Although she is a seasoned ballet watcher, this was my first time at a ballet. Despite it really not being the kind of entertainment I would normally go to (putting it diplomatically), I would recommend… Continue reading


Shesh Besh – Azerbaijani cuisine in Moscow

Azerbaijani restaurant

Looking to try a different type of cuisine in Moscow? Why not try Azerbaijani? Shesh Besh is a medium priced Azerbaijani restaurant located less than a 5 minute walk from Novokuznetskaya metro station. Inside, the restaurant is themed like a traditional building in the caucuses, with imitation stone walls, wooden archways and shisha pipes. There are a… Continue reading


August 8th 1945 – USSR declares war on Japan

Soviet-Japanese war

Today marks the 71st Anniversary of the beginning of the Russian-Japanese war. The invasion liberated Manchuria, and Mongolia from the control of Imperial Japan. It proved to be decisive in forcing Japan’s eventual unconditional surrender. In 1941, Japan and the USSR signed a neutrality pact. This prevented conflict between the USSR and the areas of… Continue reading


“Рюмочная Бухучет” bar

Moscow Bar

A Soviet themed bar near Kitai Gorod Just a short walk from Kitai Gorod metro station is an interesting basement bar with a retro Soviet Union theme. As you go down the steps and enter the bar, you’ll see that it’s decorated with several soviet arcade machines (they don’t work), while another wall is filled… Continue reading


Living With A Host Family – Misconceptions and Surprises

host family

Living With A Host Family – Misconceptions and Surprises For the last 5 weeks, I’ve been living in Moscow with a host family. Living with a family you’ve never met before, in a country you may have never been to previously, can seem like a daunting experience. After thinking about my own experiences, and asking… Continue reading